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Massachusetts Peace Action runs on your contributions!

As we reach MAPA’s 65th year of organizing, advocacy, and actions for a more just world, the MAPA community is stronger than ever!

DonateWith your support, MAPA has completed a year of intense efforts for peace and justice. We could not have done this without your membership, your volunteer time, and your donations!

You are helping to tackle urgent problems. Our militaristic foreign policy is destabilizing the world, and blocking our ability to cooperate in taking joint action on the climate emergency and the escalating dangers of nuclear war. At home, our society crumbles, as a dangerous movement threatens to derail our democracy.




That’s why we’re asking you to support our 2022 Fund Drive.

Our work is only possible with your active participation and continuing financial support!   That’s why we are asking you to support our 2022 Fund Drive.   You can also make a tax-deductible donation to our sister organization, Massachusetts Peace Action Education Fund. 

Between our two organizations, Massachusetts Peace Action Education Fund, which accepts tax-deductible donations and uses them for educational purposes, and Massachusetts Peace Action, which engages in advocacy and political campaigns, we have a 2022 fundraising goal of $250,000.   Of this we raised $161,374 in the first seven months of the year, leaving $90,000 as the goal of our Fall 2022 Fund Drive.  We raised $33,946 between September 1 and November 4, leaving $56,054 to raise in the last ten weeks of 2022.

DonateDonate today to Massachusetts Peace Action or make a tax-deductible donation to Massachusetts Peace Action Education Fund.   The best way to give is to join the Partners in Peace program which spreads your donation over the year by paying a small amount each month or quarter, or the Education Fund’s Partners in Peace program.