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Sen. Ed Markey at Jan. 10 press conference was joined by MAPA's Jonathan King, Mike Burns, Cole Harrison, Brian Garvey, and Susan McLucas
Sen. Ed Markey at Jan. 10 press conference was joined by (l to r) MAPA's Seung Hee Jeon, Jonathan King, Mike Burns, Cole Harrison, Brian Garvey, and Susan McLucas

Massachusetts Peace Action runs on your contributions!

DonateIn the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic and consequent economic distress, Massachusetts Peace Action continues to press for progressive, pro-peace votes in Congress and the State House. We believe the diversion of national wealth to the war machine is a major barrier to solving the nation’s health and economic problems.  As the Trump administration seeks to hold on to power by any means necessary, we are also working with the many groups preparing to stand up for democracy if Trump refuses to concede after losing the election.

We supported Ed Markey this year in his successful re-election bid, as well as a slate of progressive candidates for Congress and the State Legislature.   We partnered with Markey to challenge Trump’s proposed resumption of atmospheric nuclear testing in August and his assassination of Iranian General Soleimani in January. After the September 1st MA primary many MAPA members have  joined the national mobilization to get out the vote in critical states and Senatorial districts.

Raytheon Antiwar Campaign protests at BU career fairWe continue to expose Raytheon’s corporate militarism, which is driving the Saudi/UAE war in Yemen, building a new nuclear cruise missile, and corrupting Washington. The Waltham-based  company is now the world’s second largest arms manufacturer. The MAPA campaign is the leading such effort in the nation.

We have held almost 60 webinars, online meetings, and educational events in the past six months, reaching over 7,000 people, to critique  our lavish funding of the Pentagon even as COVID-19 continues to ravage our people. The Fund Healthcare Not Warfare series has opened up new relationships  with the healthcare and public health communities. Other webinars have addressed  racist policing, nuclear disarmament, crises in  Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Korea, Bolivia, Venezuela, Honduras, China, and authoritarianism in the United States.

We have eight active working groups on key issues to facilitate the active engagement  of over 100 volunteers.

Congress is listening.  Ten out of 11 members of Massachusetts’ delegation, and about half the Democrats in Congress, voted in July to cut the Pentagon budget by 10%, and some are ready to cut it by 50%.

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The bill to change the State Flag and Seal passed the State Senate and it awaits action in the House this fall, after over 3,000 people signed our action letter.   We are also actively supporting the police reform bill and preparing to file bills to call for cuts in the Pentagon budget and to challenge the state’s involvement in nuclear weapons and in January.

Regardless of who wins the election, we will convene a dozen Massachusetts progressive organizations to sponsor “Where do we go from Here? Preparing our Movements for the Next Four Years“, an online progressive strategy conference, on December 5, featuring Sen. Markey, John Nichols, Bill Fletcher, Stephen Kinzer, Bill McKibben, Vaughn Goodwin, breakout sessions and more.  Stand by for more details soon (and no, all the speakers won’t be male!)

Our work is only possible with your active participation and continuing financial support!

Between our two organizations, Massachusetts Peace Action Education Fund, which accepts tax-deductible donations and uses them for educational purposes, and Massachusetts Peace Action, which engages in advocacy and political campaigns, we have a 2020 fundraising goal of $180,700.   Of this we have raised $111,400 through September 30.  That still leaves $69,300 to raise in the last three months of the year to meet our goal. 

Please consider increasing your last year’s  contribution by 25%,  which will enable MAPA to  meet  current needs. With your generosity, we can exceed our goal and enter 2021 in a strong position to tackle whichever Administration takes power in January!

DonateDonate today to Massachusetts Peace Action or make a tax-deductible donation to Massachusetts Peace Action Education Fund.   The best way to give is to join the Partners in Peace program which spreads your donation over the year by paying a small amount each month or quarter, or the Education Fund’s Partners in Peace program.