Stop Fueling the War and Refugee Crisis in Syria!

Stop Fueling the War and Refugee Crisis in Syria!

sign_petition_buttonIt took years of patient diplomacy to secure the Iran peace accord and prevent a war with Iran. 

In Syria, the war has been going on for over four years.  Our government must take urgent and immediate action, working with all key stakeholders in the region to end this terrible war. And we must urgently aid refugees before winter.

President Obama and Congress should: 

– Reject calls for military escalation including bombing, arms transfers and imposition of a “no fly zone”; and intensify efforts to implement a ceasefire 

– Fully fund UN refugee programs to help Syrian refugees and significantly increase the number of Syrian refugees allowed to come to the U.S. 

– Engage immediately in negotiations with all involved parties, including Russia and Iran, to end the Syrian civil war with a negotiated political agreement. 


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