Scientists and Physicians for Markey

Calling all members of the scientific field

Do you appreciate Senator Ed Markey’s leadership in the US Congress promoting Nuclear Disarmament, a Green New Deal, Net Neutrality, Environmental Protection and Alzheimer’s Disease research?

Sign up below to join the Scientists for Markey committee and support his campaign for re-election as our US Senator from Massachusetts. I look forward to learning more about the issues and the campaign.

Fill out the form here:

More information on Senator Markey’s position is at

Thank you for joining: For the Committee, Jonathan King (MIT Biology), Gary Goldstein (Tufts Physics), David Goldenberg (Biochemistry U of Utah), Dr. Ira Helfand (Northampton, MA); Susanne Scarlata (WPI Biochemistry), Dr. Kea Van Der Ziel (Brookline, MA).