Representative Lynch Palestinian 6


Press Release


Chloe Steele,, 210-529-4449

Jill Charney,

Louise Coleman (617)-817-6706

When: Thursday May 19th @ 3:30pm EST

Where: 1245 Hancock St, Quincy

Today, activists will gather outside of Representative Stephen Lynch’s Office to “Stand with the six” Palestinian Human Rights Organizations that have been targeted and designated as “terrorists” by the Israeli governemnt

This is an undemocratic action, done by a “democracy” and is an apparent attempt to defund and shut down these organizations and imprison the staff. Palestinians rely on these organizations to report Israeli government crimes against them. We rely upon them to know how the Israeli government is using the weapons we buy them.

Over 900 Massachusetts organizations and residents have signed the petition, which demands that President Biden and Secretary Blinken condem this designation and pressure Israel to rescind it. We ask Representative Lynch to take significant action to pressure Israel to drop their false and undemocratic designation, including:

  • make a public statement condeming this “terroist” designation;
  • introduce a resolution or write a letter for their collegues in the Senate to sign;
  • and ask our President and State Department to make similar statements and to pressure the Israeli government to revoke this designation.

And if words fail to impact the Israeli government, initiate and take actions to show the Israeli government the US is serious about this.

Read the petition here.

The petition was delivered to President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken in early May, and Massachusetts Peace Action and Jewish Voice for Peace Boston are organizing standouts to deliver the petition to Massachusetts Senators and Representatives. The petition was delivered to Representative Trahan on May 16th, Representative Clark on May 2nd, Representative Trahan on May 16th, and Senator Warren and Senator Markey on May 10th. More scheduled standouts are to come.