Remembering Ian Harrington


by Paul Shannon

I need to share with you the very sad and shocking news that a great man and one of our central members, Ian Harrington, died suddenly the weekend before Christmas.

This is such a loss to Ian’s friends and colleagues, like many of us. I will personally miss him terribly. In turbulent times the unique thoughtfulness, steady hand, and friendship he provided us is simply irreplaceable.

This is such a loss to the bigger peace and nonviolence movement here in New England which thrived on Ian’s experience, common sense, commitment and organizing skills.

This is such a loss to our country which so badly needed his voice of sanity in the midst of growing violence and militarism.

And this is such a loss to our world so in need of Ian’s vision of a new world of peace in which we all care about each other.

We offer our sincere condolences to Ian’s wife, Holly, and to his son, Ellery, who face some difficult days ahead. We wish them comfort at such a sad time. 

Peace and thanks to you, old Friend. We will miss you very much.

We ask that you write to us at with your own remembrances of our dear friend Ian Harrington.