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12:35 Welcome, Tasks for the Conference – Steve Gallant (MAPA, CPDCS)

12:45 Dangers, Constitutional Issues, and Nuclear Weapons Policy, Part 1. (eight min. talks); Chair – Susan Mirsky (MAPA);  Reporter – Dave Pack

  • Ira Helfand (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War)
  • Elaine Scarry (Harvard; MAPA; CPDCS)
  • Wm Perry (Secretary of Defense in Clinton administration)
  • Tom Collina (Ploughshares Fund)

1:50:  5 minute break

1:55 Dangers, Constitutional Issues, and Nuclear Weapons Policy, Part 2.  (eight min. talks);Chair – David Borris (CAPA) ;  Reporter – Dave Pack

  • Tong Zhao (Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy)
  • Zia Mian (Program on Science and Global Security, Princeton University)
  • Joseph Gerson (CPDCS)
  • Kennette Benedict (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists)

2:45 Poetic Invocation and Music
              Joshua Bennett (poet, Dartmouth)

3:00 Call for a national campaign:  Elaine Scarry, Jonathan King (MIT/MAPA)

3:15       Jillian Hanesworth (Buffalo Poet Laureate)

3:20:  5 minute break

3:25      Rep. Pramila Jayapal (WA) (recorded)

3:35      Amar Ahmad (MAPA), Susan Mirsky – Contributions and Breakout instructions

3:40 Breakouts

Why No First Use Will Keep Us Safer:  –    Chair-Steve Gallant (CPDCS/MAPA); Kennette Benedict (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists); Max Tegmark (MIT); Tom Unterrainer (Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation); Tara Drozdenko (Outrider Foundation).  Reporter – Patricia-Maria Weinmann

Communications & Messaging:  Chair-Jerry Ross (CPDCS); David Swanson (World Beyond War); Anna Schumann (CLW); Emily Dorrel (CodePINK); Reporter – Maryellen Kurkulos (MAPA)

Social Media / Street Theater / Artivism:  Chair – Anna Baker (GBPSR); Carley Towne (CODEPINK);  Valerie Juang (Western New York Youth Climate Council); Zach Stone (Public Citizen); Joshua Krugman (Bread and Puppet Theater); Dawn Kramer (Boston-based choreographer); Reporter/Organizer -Susan Mirsky)

Congressional Strategy:  Chair – Erica Fein (Win Without War); John Isaacs (CLW); David Borris (CAPA); Cecili Thompson Williams (Beyond the Bomb); Reporter-Kathie Malley-Morrison

Recruiting/Organization  building:  Chair – Jean Athey (Maryland Peace Action); Jim Anderson  (PANYS) ; Yasmeen Silva (Beyond the Bomb); Victoria Whalen (Our Climate, NYRenews Fellow); Reporter-Lynne Hall (MAPA)

Back From the BrinkA grassroots campaign to eliminate nuclear weapons and prevent nuclear war:  Chair – Ira Helfand (IPPNW); Denise Duffield (PSR); Reporter- Frances Jeffries (MAPA)

Stopping the ICBM Money Pit Missile and Reducing Nuclear Weapons Budgets:  Chair – Jonathan King (MIT/MAPA); Gwen DuBois (PSR Chesapeake); William Hartung (Center for International Policy); Reporter- Mike VanElzakker (MAPA)

4:20:  5 minute break

4:25 Closing Panel: Next Steps: Chair- Cole Harrison (MAPA)

– Rep Ted Lieu (CA)

– Sen Ed Markey (MA) (recorded)

4:50 Call to Action: Medea Benjamin (CodePINK)

Program Committee: Steve Gallant, Jonathan King, David Borris, Joseph Gerson, Susan Mirsky, Elaine Scarry, Jerry Ross, John Isaacs, Carley Towne, Jim Anderson, Ira Helfand, Cole Harrison, David Combs, Amar Ahmad, David Pack