Prof. Andrew Bacevich and former Rep. Barney Frank on Foreign Policy

by David Goodman – Open Media Boston

Newton, Mass. – The Massachusetts state affiliate of the national Peace Action organization held it’s annual meeting on Saturday February 8th. The theme of this year’s meeting was “Towards a Just and Cooperative Foreign Policy.”

Giving the keynote speeches, former MA Congressman Barney Frank and retired Colonel and current chair of the International Relations Department at Boston University, Andrew Bacevich, answered the questions “Why is the U.S. the world’s policeman and what is the alternative? And how can we move our nation towards a more peaceful foreign policy? The two men agreed on many points, however Bacevich was largely skeptical of the idea that nation-states can achieve lasting peace. Frank expressed views that were, on the whole, more optimistic on this score.

Andrew Bacevich (21:18)

Barney Frank (31:32) {Click here for Frank transcription}