Take Action to Support the Iran Nuclear Deal

See our page on the Iran Nuclear deal CLICK HERE!

The peace deal reached July 14 with Iran thwarting any nuclear weapon production is one of the most important diplomatic accomplishments of the century so far. It demonstrates that intelligence, patience, creativity and an openness to conflict resolution can prevent war. 

Congressional Timeline of the Iran AgreementNow, the hawks are attacking once again, trying to undermine the deal. We all need to make one final push to ensure that the peace deal makes it across the finish line.  Congress will vote to approve or disapprove the deal before September 17 (see graphic to understand the process). Please take three simple actions now: 

1.  Please sign this coalition petition to stop Congress from killing the agreement.  

2.  Call Congress!  (855) 68 NO WAR (66 927 toll free)  First, ask for each of your Senators, when finished call your Representative and say:

I am calling to ask that my Senator/Representative publicly support the announced Iran agreement and vote to support the deal.

Keep calling!  The hawks are organizing, the billionaires are opening their pocketbooks to kill the deal.  We need to respond. 

3. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.  This tool helps you submit your letter by e-mail and assemble your talking points.  Write often and early!

4. Tell your friends to visit this page and support the deal.

                                                                                                  July 21, 2015