Peace with Russia Rally


For Immediate Release:


Cole Harrison,

When: Saturday, February 5th, 1pm-2pm

Where: Park Street Station, Boston, MA 02108

Massachusetts Peace Action and allies are coming together on Saturday, February 5th from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST to hold a rally in Boston at Park Street Station for Peace between the United States and Russia. This Day of Action. Activists will gather to call for diplomacy, dialogue, and peace with Russia over Ukraine.

“The intensified conflict over Ukraine has led to the possibility of a confrontation between the world’s two most heavily armed nuclear powers,” said Cole Harrison, Executive Director of Massachusetts Peace Action. “As a nation, we have become very close to a nuclear catastrophe before, most famously during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Our luck cannot hold out forever. We must work to resolve this crisis quickly, through diplomacy and negotiation.”

The Pentagon announced that 3,000 U.S. troops are being moved to Eastern Europe and another 8,500 troops are still on high alert. Congress is rushing to pass new legislation that proposes $500 million in new “security assistance” to Ukraine and is threatening to impose new sanctions against Russia. Most of the mainstream media has added to the turmoil by echoing false Cold War histories and narratives.

“The US has just left a 20-year war in Afghanistan, so why are we about to embark on another war at the cost of civilian lives, U.S lives, and billions of dollars?” said Brian Garvey, Assistant Director of Massachusetts Peace Action. “The US should learn from their mistakes from their fruitless interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan. Instead, the US should focus on using taxpayers’ dollars on domestic matters such as health care, housing, environmental protection, education, civilian manufacturing jobs, and programs that address the 140 million poor and low-income people in our country.”

This crisis needs urgent, national action. Activists will gather not just in Boston, but also in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland, D.C, New York City, New Orleans, and more calling for no war with Russia. There are over 70 actions taking place in coordination, all calling for peace, diplomacy, and negotiation to end this crisis.

For more information read Mass. Peace Action’s Statement: No War with Russia! No Expansion of NATO!