Peace Activists Rally At Massachusetts Congressional Offices

Sept 15 — Peace activists will rally today at Congressional offices to demand the United States pursue negotiations to end the Russia-Ukraine war and oppose increases in the Pentagon budget.

The rallies will take place at the offices of three Democratic Representatives who have voted to send arms to Ukraine but have made no statements supporting the need for diplomacy.

When: Thursday, September 15, 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm


Rep. Katherine Clark‘s office – 157 Pleasant St., Malden.   12 Noon.  Contact:  Massoudeh Edmond

Rep. Jake Auchincloss‘ office.   Gather at Washington St and Crafts St, Newton, at 12 Noon.   Rally and flyer passersby, then walk a block to Rep. Auchincloss office.   Contact: Susan Mirsky

Rep. Stephen Lynch‘s office.   Meet at 12 noon at small park, 1279 Hancock St, Quincy, which is half a block from Rep. Lynch’s Quincy office.  Contact: Cole Harrison

The activists will join with the Peace In Ukraine national coalition to say:

  • DIPLOMACY to End the War in Ukraine
  • $$$ for Climate, Healthcare & Housing
  • NOT Weapons for Endless War

“We demand a ceasefire in Ukraine, direct talks between the US and Russia, and a freeze on weapons shipments to resolve a war in which the stakes have never been higher since the Cold War. We  demand investments in urgent needs at home, not in more weapons for an endless proxy war in Ukraine,” said Cole Harrison, executive director of Massachusetts Peace Action.

As the war on Ukraine enters its 7th month, the United States continues to escalate the conflict that threatens to kill thousands more Ukrainians and Russians, worsen global famine, further devastate the climate and push the two most heavily armed nuclear nations, the United States and Russia, to the brink of nuclear annihilation.

Rather than push for a protracted war, the White House and Congress should support a diplomatic solution along the lines of the MINSK II Peace Accord, signed by both Ukraine and Russia in 2015, to declare Ukraine a neutral non-NATO country and hold elections in the eastern region of Ukraine. Instead

The US government, according to the Security Policy Reform Institute, has spent $40 billion over this one year period to escalate the tension with weapons, military equipment, troop training and intelligence, with zero accountability or oversight for taxpayer dollars. The same amount of money could have paid for 350,000 nurses or 400,000 elementary school teachers, according to the National Priorities Project’s trade-off calculator.

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