Mel King testifies at Budget for All hearing, Massachusetts State Legislature, July 10, 2013
Mel King testifies at Budget for All hearing, Massachusetts State Legislature, July 10, 2013

Massachusetts Peace Action understands that we cannot win peace without the participation of large numbers of people from every walk of life — rich and poor; black, white, Latino, Asian, and Native American; men and women; straight, gay, and transgendered; documented and undocumented.  

Public opinion polls consistently show that it is Black and low-income communities that stand the most strongly against war and militarism.  But the continued impact of racism and bigotry and extreme economic inequality means that large numbers of peace supporters face a struggle for community survival.  In the interest of justice as well as peace, Peace Action stands with labor, community, people of color, enviromental groups and faith groups that work for economic and social justice.   By strengthening the voice of minority, low income, and marginalized people in our society, we also strengthen the peace movement.

Our Peace Economy program includes work in support of:

  • The Budget for All campaign, which campaigns to divert the enormous funds now being spent on the U.S. war machine  to invest in social programs, jobs, housing, education, transportation, and transition to a clean, green economy.
  • An Economy for All, which would put the resources of the Massachusetts government behind economic planning to reduce the state’s dependence on military contracting and bases, transition our fossil- and nuclear-fueled energy infrastructure to clean purposes, and address extreme inequality.
  • Organizing the Raytheon Anti-war Campaign.
  • Closing the Pilgram nuclear power station.
  • Yes on 4 and RaiseUp Massachusetts, a 2014 referendum campaign that won an increase in the minimum wage to $11 and is now campaigning to require earned sick time for Massachusetts workers
  • Strengthening ties between the climate groups and peace groups.
  • Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership, a secret trade deal which will enrich the 1% in the U.S. and other countries and continue to impoverish the 99%. 
  • Stop the Wars, Stop the Warming, a climate justice campaign that brought peace supporters to the People’s Climate March in New York on September 21, 2014 and continues to work for a peaceful solution to the climate crisis.
  • Convergence: Efforts to build unity across labor, community, climate justice, and other movements for progressive social change.   We sponsored a Convergence discussion in November 2013.

See the 2017 Work Plan of the Economic Justice Working Group


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