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Our Mission

Israel has been maintaining a military occupation of the Palestinian territories for years. The occupation denies basic human rights, freedom, and dignity to millions of Palestinians. Since 2007, Israel, along with Egypt, has placed the Gaza Strip under a medieval siege.

The siege of Gaza and the occupation of Palestinians territories is done with the financial and diplomatic support of the United States. U.S. taxpayers subsidize the Israeli occupation with over $10 million per day, or nearly $4 billion per year. Our goal is to change U.S. policy to end U.S. financial and political support to the Israeli occupation and apartheid of the Palestinian people.  

Get Involved

Our Palestine-Israel working group meets on average of once or twice a month. We gather to discuss strategy for Congressional and local lobbying. We also share educational resources, analyze relevant current events, and plan events. If interested in joining our Palestine-Israel working group, email amar@masspeaceaction.org

Read the 2017 Work Plan of the Palestine-Israel Working Group

Read Massachusetts Peace Action’s statement on Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions


"It was called Palestine. Its name became Palestine" - Darwish

’48 Palestinians: Popular Resistance for Palestinian Unity

Thu Jun 24 12:00 pm EDT
Palestinians who carry Israeli citizenship have played crucial roles in mobilizations in Sheikh Jarrah, where Palestinians face illegal home expulsions ...
Killing Gaza with Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen

Killing Gaza with Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen

Thu Jul 8 6:00 pm EDT
Join us on July 8th, at 6pm EDT, we will be screening the film, Killing Gaza. After watching the film, ...



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