Our Mission

Fund Healthcare Not Warfare (FHCNW) is a campaign and working group within Mass Peace Action. Our mission is refocus “national security” away from war, militarism, nuclear weapons buildup, and regime changes, to focusing on more immediate, pressing threats such as pandemic disease. We draw attention to the growing military budget (currently above $740,000,000,000.00/year), and highlight how this obscene Pentagon budget harms our healthcare and public health needs. For example, roughly 30% of the Massachusetts state budget comes from the federal government, and with the federal government so invested in the war economy, that leaves little funding left over for healthcare and public health.


The Mass Peace Action Fund Healthcare Not Warfare campaign has taken on new importance during the covid pandemic. We’ve organized over a dozen educational webinars exploring how the bloated military budget harms healthcare and public health. Our guests have included frontline healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, biomedical researchers, home care attendants, public health experts, state legislators, activists, and more. We’ve been working closely with people from the healthcare and public health fields. We are also a member of the Mass-Care coalition, to campaign for single-payer healthcare. Along with a coalition of organizations, we’ve written a statement, to call for cutting the Pentagon budget and reinvesting the funds in healthcare, public health, a robust covid response, a Green New Deal, and more.

Get involved:

The FHCNW working group meets on average twice a month, usually at 12 noon on Thursdays (although day and time varies from week to week). If you’d like to participate please email Jonathan King at jaking@mit.edu or Amar Ahmad at amar@masspeaceaction.org