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United Against War and Militarism


Protest War Profiteer Raytheon at Boston University

Metcalf Hall, George Sherman Union 775 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA

Join BU Students against Imperialism and the Raytheon AntiWar Campaign as we standout against war profiteers at Boston University's campus career fair. One of the world's largest arms manufacturers, Raytheon is headquartered right here in Massachusetts. They're making billions of dollars a year selling weapons [...]

Protest War Profiteer Raytheon at Northeastern University

Cabot Gym 360 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA

Join the Raytheon AntiWar Campaign as we standout against war profiteers at Northeastern’s campus career fair. One of the world’s largest arms manufacturers, Raytheon is headquartered right here in Massachusetts. They’re making billions of dollars a year selling weapons of war that kill innocent civilians [...]

Global Protest – Free Assange and Chelsea Manning

British Consulate New England One Broadway, Cambridge, MA

Australian journalist and publisher, Julian Assange, has been imprisoned since April 2019 in London for publishing classified documents about US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan provided by Chelsea Manning, a former US Army private. For 7 years, Assange lived in asylum in the Ecuadorian [...]

POSTPONED – Sanctions Kill


Due to Coronavirus concerns, this event has been postponed. Regarding Coronavirus Concerns US sanctions are not an alternative to war. They make war more likely. On the anniversary of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, join us for an honest discussion of US sanctions. We’ll explore [...]

On the War in Yemen, and Building the Anti-War Movement

Online Event

Join us on January 19th at 6PM EST for an online discussion as a lead-up event to the International Day of Action for Yemen on January 25th with Shireen Al-Adeimi and Ollie Valenzuela. We will discuss the situation in Yemen and how we can work [...]

Global Fast for Yemen – Protest US Backed Atrocities

Central Square Cambridge, MA

Yemeni-American protestors Iman Saleh and her younger sister, Muna are on day 19 of their hunger-strike in Washington, DC in protest of US backed atrocities happening in Yemen. Join us in Central Square where we will promote the actions of those fasting in Washington, New [...]

Hunger Ward Film Screening and Discussion

Online Event

Join us for a screening of the Oscar nominated film, Hunger Ward, which gives us a glimpse into what life has been like in a Yemen that is being starved by Saudi Arabia and the United States. Afterwards, we will discuss the film, the current [...]

Veterans Forum on the War in Afghanistan

Community Church of Boston 565 Boylston St, Boston

Saturday, October 23rd @ 4pm Community Church of Boston 565 Boylston St. Boston, MA What does the U.S. withdrawal mean for veterans, the people of Afghanistan, and the world? Before the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, many veterans were irate at the corrupt and reckless policies [...]

The Iron Dome: A Panel on US-Israel Relations

Boston University - College of Arts and Sciences Room 211 725 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA

Sunday, October 24th 1:00 pm-2:00pm (ET) Boston University (College of Arts and Sciences room 211) 725 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215 Last month on September 23rd, the House passed a bill for funding $1 billion to Israel’s Iron Dome missile system. This bill is a drastic [...]

Elizabeth Warren – Stop the War in Yemen!

JFK Federal Building Cambridge St at Sudbury St, Boston, MA

Join us! Friday, February 11th to urge Elizabeth Warren to invoke a War Powers Resolution to end U.S support for the war in Yemen. Despite holding the Presidency, the House and the Senate, Elizabeth Warren and Democrats in Congress have done nothing aside from writing [...]

End the War in Ukraine

Amherst Town Common Amherst, MA

The situation in Eastern Europe has remained volatile and risks escalation as top U.S. government officials and the military industrial complex continue to beat the drums of war with Russia, threatening to balloon into World War 3. This is a very crucial time for people [...]

Opposing US’ Provocation and Escalation of the War in Ukraine

The Democracy Center 45 Mount Auburn St., Cambridge, MA

Instead of addressing inflation and shortages, the US government is sending tens of billions of dollars’ worth of weapons to Ukraine to prolong its proxy war with Russia as long as possible and profit off the suffering and destruction. The competition between the US and [...]

Army Recruitment Center Out of Cambridge!

Porter Sq. Army Recruiting Center 1993 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Wednesday September 14th @ 12 noon The US army promises great monetary and career benefits, yet about 40,000 of veterans are homeless and about 6,000 commit suicide in a given year. New recruits are used as pawns in US wars of aggression and domination in [...]

Protest Against Invasion of Haiti!

Park Street Station Tremont St and Park Street, Boston, MA

Tuesday November 1st @ 4:00pm Rally at Park St. Station, Boston, MA March to Mexican Consulate (55 Franklin St.) then Haitian Consulate (33 Washington St.) The US, Mexico and others are calling for military "intervention" in Haiti. They want to use the countries of the [...]

Down with the War, War Economy, & War Governments!

Online Event

Rescheduled from Dec 3 to Dec 10 due to rain Let’s join together in protest against the US and NATO’s continued escalations of the war in the Ukraine. We will also be standing in solidarity with workers in Italy, who will stage a general strike [...]