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The struggle for immigration justice during the COVID crisis

Online Meeting

In this our fifth episode of Shelter & Solidarity we will be joined by scholar activists Aviva Chomsky (author of *Undocumented*, and *'They Take Our Jobs!' and Twenty Other Myths about Immigration*), Joseph Nevins and Mizue Aizeki (co-authors of the book *Dying to Live: A [...]

Mass Murder in the Making of Our Times

Online Event

October 1 marks the fifty-fifth anniversary of the beginning of one of the worst episodes of mass murder in the twentieth century: the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Indonesians in 1965-1966. Organized and directed by Indonesia’s military, the killings targeted people associated with the [...]

Trump’s Walls Must Fall: Greg Grandin with Avi Chomsky

Online Event

Join us Thursday, Oct. 15 from 7-8:30pm EST for a deep dive with 2020 Pulitzer Prize-winner Greg Grandin, author of *THE END OF THE MYTH: From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America* (among many other books). We will also be [...]