Opinions on the 2020 Presidential Race

2020 Presidential Race

Mass. Peace Action proudly endorsed Bernie Sanders for President and worked hard for his election. Since he suspended his campaign on April 8 and endorsed Joe Biden, we have focused on defeating Trump in November and supporting crucial down-ballot candidates. Our members have expressed a range of views about the presidential race. We share some of their thoughts here and invite others to submit their opinions.

—Jackie King, Mass. Peace Action newsletter editor


Ten Years to Save the Planet: Defeat Trump!

by Rosalie Anders

Defeating Donald Trump is essential if we are to have any chance of avoiding worldwide climate catastrophe. The scientific consensus is that we have about ten years to do that, and it means taking extreme measures. It means starting now. With Trump, of course, we have instead a systematic unraveling of the relatively small steps that have already been taken. The ten-year timeline makes climate destruction unique among the issues the world faces. We are entering negative feedback loops that are accelerating the destruction. To name a couple: With warming, there is less Arctic sea ice to reflect the sun’s rays; the water that replaces the ice absorbs more sunlight, thus adding to the ocean warming and more ice melting…                    Read more.


Learning the Right Lessons from Trump’s Presidency

by Brian Garvey

For a few weeks in late February and early March it seemed possible, even likely, that Bernie Sanders could be the next president of the United States. For millions of people, especially the younger generations, it seemed there was a real chance to put the highest office in the land into the hands of an activist, someone who openly challenged the establishment of the Republican and the Democratic parties. To peace activists, it was a chance to make a man who challenged our bipartisan consensus on foreign policy the Commander and Chief. In a country that for decades has given more and more responsibility to the executive branch, it seemed like a shortcut. By giving power to someone with a desire to make change, and a record to prove it, there was a chance to make dramatic changes quickly…               Read more


Joe Biden for President!

by Carol Coakley

Mass. Peace Action should endorse former Vice-President Joe Biden for President of the United States. Biden has been in public service for nearly 30 years. This long tenure has provided him with a depth of experience and knowledge that has value in itself, but it also demonstrates his ability to adapt and evolve over time. While we may not agree with some of Biden’s earlier positions, he has come closer to our views over the years. He will need the support of many different groups and sectors of the population to win this election over the current president who has proved to be surprisingly popular in many quarters…                    Read more.