No Fly Zone


U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds, 2008. Photo: Hans Dorries/ Unsplash
U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds, 2008. Photo: Hans Dorries/ Unsplash

For Immediate Release

Contacts: Cole Harrison,, 617-466-9274 & Louise Coleman, 617-817-6706

When: Thursday, March 17, 12 noon

Where: Park Street Station, Boston

Boston — Massachusetts Peace Action calls on all peace-loving people to rally in opposition to a “No Fly Zone” over Ukraine.  Instead of escalating the conflict in Ukraine, we must press for a ceasefire and urgent negotiations.

The group insists that the idea of a No Fly Zone must be taken off the table. The rally will focus on the message that a no fly zone is not the road to peace. It is most likely the road to a direct US conflict with Russia and even nuclear holocaust. It will call on all those in the media and in Congress who have been promoting this policy to consider the ominous implications of such a plan and to take this idea off the table before it’s too late.

The rally will point out that a no fly zone is not a magical force field that will somehow ground Russian planes.  It is a commitment that US forces will shoot down Russian jets.  If and when the first Russian or American plane is shot down. What happens next?

This effort supports President Biden and many of our military leaders on this, because they know the frightening answers to this question.  They must not be stampeded by the national fervor in support of those suffering in Ukraine to move in the direction of what they know is the likely outcome of such a military policy.

It is a dangerous time. A time to think through the implications of our policies for Ukraine, for Europe, for our country and for whether there will be a future for our children and the children of the world.

Massachusetts Peace Action condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and calls on Russia to withdraw its troops.  We acknowledge that NATO expansion fed Russia’s security fears and that all nations must be secure for any nation to be secure.  We call for an immediate ceasefire followed by urgent negotiations to resolve all outstanding issues.