No New Cold War 2022 Work Plan

MAPA Discussion 2022

Campaign Name: No Cold War
Working Group Name: No Cold War

Executive Summary:

The No Cold War Working Group strives to advocate against and educate the public on increased tensions between the United States, China, and Russia. In order to address threats like nuclear war and environmental destruction, we support foreign policy that advocates for the U.S., China, Russia and all other countries to become partners in survival. In tandem with a number of objectives, we urge people to reject the demonization and “othering” of Russia and China and encourage international collaboration on global issues such as climate change, disarmament, demilitarization, xenophobia, racism, and pandemics. 


Long Range Policy Goal: To overcome the military industrial complex and resist the Cold War. To educate ourselves and the public about the importance of international cooperation, and to reject the notion of other countries as our enemies. 

Achievable Objectives for 2022: a) To increase education through various methods including webinar programming, written articles, and more. b) To grow the membership and participation of the working group. (Including from other states.) 


Activities planned in 2022 to further policy goal: Webinars, articles, letters to the editors, Congressional advocacy actions. 

Coalition work:


Co-Conveners: Amar Ahmad, Marty Schotz

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