Legislation and Policy

Please, give it up, Joe

by Kathie Malley-Morrison   The Peace Advocate is running a series of opinion pieces about the 2024 presidential election and candidates. We encourage our members and supporters to submit their analyses. We welcome different points of view. –The Editors Back in 2019, suggestions–such as those from […]

Rep. Seth Moulton on Webinar with J Street, March 22, 2022, discussing his visit to Israel and Palestine with the group in February 2022. Screenshot from Zoom
Legislation and Policy

Rep. Seth Moulton Won’t Call for a Ceasefire

by Susan Nicholson (Gloucester), Bob Mason (Beverly), Rev. Art McDonald (Salem), and Sunny Robinson (Gloucester) In his year-end message to constituents broadcasting his achievements, Rep. Moulton claims “I have been outspoken about the current Israel-Hamas conflict.” It’s true Rep. Moulton has been outspoken, but what he has said has been […]

Ceasefire Now! End the occupation! No more money for Israel’s crimes! March in downtown Boston, Dec 17, 2023. MAPA photo/ Cole Harrison

Gaza Cease-Fire Now! No Wider War

by Joseph Gerson Originally published in Common Dreams. The genocide must end. We must not sleepwalk into a catastrophic regional Middle East War. The decimation of Gaza continues because the United States refuses to demand a ceasefire and provides weapons that have transformed Gaza from an […]