Middle East Working Group: 2015 Work Plan

No War on Syria

The Middle East Working Group will work towards ending the wars in Iraq and Syria and preventing a war on Iran.    (Our working group does not specifically address Israel/Palestine issues, which are covered by a separate working group.)

We will begin with work together with National Peace Action, our affiliates across the country, and 27 allied organizations, on the “Crisis of ISIS”. Instead of military action, the Administration should be focusing on intensive UN-backed diplomacy.   We will educate ourselves and the public about the Middle East and the devastating effects US intervention continues to have.  Work with the Budget for All on the economic effects of another long, expensive war, which cost over a billion dollars in its first 2 months, will consume another $5.6B in its first Congressionally-funded installment, and may ultimately cost scores of billions – even without “boots on the ground.”

We will then move from Iran’s military and political roles in Iraq and Syria to the Iran nuclear negotiations, focusing on ways to push back against the Congressional challenges to successful negotiations. 
MIddle East Study Action Working Group:  We will announce the plans and scheduled meetings of our new working group, look at the role of grassroots activists, presented by the complicated situation in the Middle East, and propose an immediate action for all.

We will meet in person or by phone monthly.

Some work already in progress.

Education: Teach-ins at local colleges/ Universities  Medea Benjamin,

Reese Erlich, possibly Rami Khouri

Outreach to public.  Leaflet at T stations, Current message attached.

            On-going Alerts, Website, Letters to Editor

Seal the Deal Event for Iran Nuclear Deal – November 24th

Organize around Congressional Reps.

Visit and demonstrate at local Congressional offices. Nov. 11 –15th, 2014

Delegations including elected officials, faith, people from Middle East, movers and shakers

On-going work to push Congress to use its constitutional powers: War Powers  Act , Oversight, Authorization, etc

Contact with offices at least once a month (maybe revive the Wed. noon Brown Bag Lunches )

Cost:  Work with Budget for All on Tax Day event.

Participate in larger events : Peace and Planet, April 26 NYC