Middle East Work Plan 2017

The Middle East Working Group’s work plan for 2017 has been informed by the priorities that national Peace Action has identified. These are:

  1. Education with focus on Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Yemen
  2. Lobbying to maintain pressure on the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation.
  3. Push the call for, and question Congressional reauthorization for the use of military force in the Middle East.


Long Range Policy Goal: Peace in Middle East: End U.S. Military Intervention

Achievable Objectives for 2017: Maintain the support of our Congressional delegation for diplomatic solutions to the conflicts in the region, including support for the Iran nuclear deal.


Activities planned in 2017 to further policy goal: Educational work through speakers and workshops. We have already organized programs at Emanuel, Harvard, Newton, Tufts, UMASS Boston, and Cambridge by Reese Erlich and Gareth Porter. Other educational events are in the planning stages. Our lobbying work will consist of regular visits to meet with our delegation and staff members and generating phone calls at critical moments. A network of coordinators, with one or two in each congressional district, will help to mobilize and maintain this pressure. A rapid response network to watch volatile relations with Iran and prepare for action.. To support all of the above we are forming an advisory committee of academic experts who can both help with public education and be part of groups meeting with our Congressional delegation.

Coalition work: We collaborate with American Friends Service Committee and Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, United for Justice with Peace and with local Affiliates. We would like to work in concert with Peace Action chapters in other states in New England.


Co-Conveners: Shelagh Foreman and Prasannan Parthasarathi

How to Contact the Working Group?   MAPA office Phone 617-354-2159 or email.



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