May 22 Boston Day of Action Report

Photo: Anduin Devos, Warheads to Windmills; Lobbyists posing outside MA statehouse.

by Rowan Sporte Ehn and Grace Sanford

In collaboration with the Warheads to Windmills Coalition, MAPA, along with accompanying lobbyists, went to the Massachusetts State House to push for the Nuclear and Climate Commission Bill (H.783/S.1488), the Back from the Brink Resolution (S.1487), and the Put Gas in the Past bill (S.2135). For more information about the bills we lobbied for click here! 


There was a sizable turnout of about 35 people, over half of whom were high school or college students. Overall, the day was a success as we heard positive responses from a majority of the representatives and staff members we met with. All three of these bills were voted out of their respective committees, and now reside in the joint committee of Ways and Means; they can now be brought to the floor for a vote anytime. Therefore, this past lobby day we met with house/senate leadership and with representatives who are on Ways and Means to urge them to bring these bills to a vote as soon as possible. 


Our coalition emphasized the point that all three of these bills are no-brainers, and not only because they do not cost the legislature any money. We highlighted that these bills are basic, necessary steps Massachusetts needs to take in order to meet their climate goals by 2050, and most importantly, would help create a safer, more sustainable future for all. Most of the staff and representatives we talked with were receptive, and agreed with us. We are hopeful that these bills will advance and become law!

Rowan Sporte Ehn is a MAPA intern on co-op from Northeastern University. They are a member of the “Twin Threats”/CANDU and Gaza campaigns as well as the Racial Justice and Public Engagement & Movement Building Working Groups. Grace Sanford is a MAPA intern on co-op from Northeastern University. She is a member of the “Twin Threats”/CANDU and Gaza campaigns.