Massachusetts Workers need a Higher Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Time!

Help Massachusetts Peace Action support the Raise Up Massachusetts campaign…

Massachusetts Workers need a Higher Minimun Wage and Paid Sick Time!

A higher minimum wage and the right to earned sick days are a basic part of a social justice agenda. Join the Massachusetts Peace Action team supporting  Raise Up Massachusetts!

Raise up logoMassachusetts Peace Action joins close to 100 other community organizations engaged in the struggle for economic and socail justice.Thanks to those of you who have been able to join in our efforts in October.  So far the joint efforts of groups in the Raise Up Massachusetts campaign have obtained over 160,000 signatures on the two petitions of the total  goal of 226,000.  We have until November 20th to collect the rest. 

Please click here to join in the Raise Up Campaign by getting signatures from your friends, neighbors and co-workers.  

When we collect the signatures needed theMassachusetts legislature will either have to pass the law raising the  Minimum Wage and the Paid Sick Day law by May or the two referenda will be placed on the November 2014 ballot:


Minimum Wage

Raise the minimum wage and ensure that it keeps pace with the rising cost of living. An increase in the minimum wage would impact one in five workers in Massachusetts and give them the financial stability to provide for their families.

The minimum wage in Massachusetts has been stuck at $8 an hour since 2008, yet costs keep rising – and workers are long overdue for a raise. Workers can’t afford the basic necessities, and it’s an everyday struggle to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. The Minimum Wage Petition will raise the wage up to $10.50 an hour in two steps and establish a cost of living adjustment to keep up with inflation.


Earned Sick Time

Raise Up Massachusetts is fighting to ensure earned sick time for workers across the state. Under our proposal, workers would be able to earn one hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked, up to 40 hours a year, so that they don’t have to risk losing their jobs to care for themselves or their families.

For nearly 1 million workers in Massachusetts, staying home to care for themselves or a sick child could mean losing their job. The ability for workers to care and provide for themselves and family members is a right, not a privilege, and now is the time to make it a reality for working families.

Earned sick time is also good for business. Job retention policies like earned sick time reduce unemployment and strengthen the economy. When workers are able to earn sick time, it decreases employee turnover, limits the spread of illness at the workplace, and maximizes productivity.

We need volunteers to collect our part of the signatures to put the Minimum Wage and Earned Sick Day issues on the Ballot.  Click here to volunteer to get signatures in your part of our Peace Action team.   The Deadline is November 20, 2013!