MAPA Voices: “CEASE FIRE!! CEASE FIRE!!” by Peter Kakos

Peace Advocate December 2023

How can I celebrate holidays

   When relatives lie crushed under missiles fresh from Scranton;


How can I enjoy the upcoming dinner

   When  homeless masses face  empty makeshift tables in tents;


How can I toast the future

   When young mothers of Gaza have no clean water to nurse;


How can I laugh

   When joy at once has been flattened;


How can I calmly breathe

   While blood-soaked siblings gasp over  thick dust- frantic to uncover their sisters;


How can I look up to the stars

   While roaring Boeing F-15s rain down death at will;


How can I be happy with my family

   When I see none survive but a son orphaned;


How can I hope 

   When a massive storm of despair hangs in the air;


How can I see tunnel’s light

   With none in sight.


What is left clings to this:  never, ever is it the God of Abraham’s will, 

  (Head  bowed in abject disgust);


 Anguishing over his three beloved sons’

    Genocidal throes of fratricide..

Peter Kakos, December 2023, Northampton, Mass.