MAPA 2022 Program Summary

MAPA 10 issue areas (

This summary of MAPA’s 2022 program work was approved by the members at the annual meeting on April 26, 2022.

We campaign in 11 issue areas, most of which are led by volunteer-led working groups.

Nuclear Disarmament We aim to abolish nuclear weapons within the decade and sign the US on to the Treaty for Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). In January 2022 we hosted a widely attended national conference titled “Reducing the Threat of Nuclear War: Rebuilding a Broader Movement.” We challenge the proposed investments in nuclear modernization, call for a No First Use policy, and warn of the danger of missile defense programs.

Middle East and Forever WarsWe aim to transform the U.S. from a hegemon in the Middle East, seeking to dominate the area through military, economic and political means, into a country that respects the sovereignty of the peoples of the region.  We work to get the U.S. back into the JCPOA, end support for the Saudi war in Yemen, address the crisis in Afghanistan, end sanctions on Syria, get US troops out of Iraq, and limit drone warfare.

Palestine/IsraelWe raise awareness around Palestinian rights through public education, coalition building, and direct action, as well as advocating for political and legislative change in Congress and in the Massachusetts legislature.   We aim to change US policy away from one-sided support for Israel, to end US financial and political support for the Israeli occupation and apartheid of the Palestinian people.

Fund Healthcare, Not WarfareBorn as a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as an effort to forge alliances with health care workers impacted by the pandemic.   The campaign has brought together advocates from impacted constituencies. In the long run, we aim to pass Medicare for All, cut the Pentagon budget, increase the NIH budget and restore the U.S. public health system.

Hands Off Latin America and the Caribbean We educate, organize, and collaborate with other US and international organizations in promoting policies and securing legislation that will prevent the US from interfering in Latin America and the Caribbean.   We oppose US efforts at regime change in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, and condemn US support for overturning popular gains that had been made in Bolivia, Haiti, and Honduras.  We support the rights of indigenous peoples and seek to end arms sales to Mexico and Central America.

Climate and Peace We illuminate the interrelationship of US militarism and the global ecological and climate crisis.   We seek to integrate anti-militarism into the climate and ecological narrative by demonstrating how world peace and nonviolent conflict resolution are inseparable from environmental and climate justice, by using educational events, action opportunities, and solidarity work with climate and related social movements.  Militarism and war can be fatal to the profound international cooperation that is necessary to deal successfully with the climate emergency.

Racial Justice/DecolonizationWhite supremacy and colonialism continue to operate in the US government and in our society.  Our decarceration campaign calls for closing prisons and increasing investment in communities decimated by incarceration.  We educate and agitate to raise our members’ consciousness.   We work to support Indigenous leadership in the peace and environmental movements.

No New Cold WarWe advocate against and educate the public on increased tensions between the United States, China, and Russia, and in Korea. With the Ukraine/Russia war, the working group has organized many webinars and rallies, aiming to educate the public and pressure the government to choose peace negotiations, stop sending weapons, and

Raytheon Anti-War Campaign – An alliance in which MAPA is central, we remind Commonwealth residents that war is not far away, it is right here in Massachusetts.

Peace Economy – Working in alliance with labor, community, climate and faith organizations, we link economic, social and racial justice issues with peace.  Current priorities include supporting the Poor People’s Campaign, the Fair Share Tax, defeating the App-Based Drivers’ referendum, and cutting the Pentagon budget.

Legislative and Political – We track bills in Congress and the State House on peace and justice issues and develop a legislative agenda for MAPA. With a network of representatives in each of Massachusetts’ nine Congressional districts, we organize our supporters to pressure Congress.  We question political candidates about the issues and sometimes endorse candidates.  We participate in the Massachusetts Progressive Action Organizing Committee, a grouping of politically active progressive groups in the state.

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