Make Your Vote Count!  Vote “No Preference” March 5

With the MA Primary Election approaching on Tuesday, March 5th, we can use our votes to express our discontent with President Biden’s stance on the ongoing genocide in Gaza. The staggering death toll in Gaza has now exceeded 30.000- the majority being women and children. In light of the escalating humanitarian catastrophe, we must use this opportunity to hold Biden accountable for his inaction. 

In Michigan, Representative Rashida Tlaib and progressive constituents spearheaded an impactful initiative – the “Uncommitted” campaign. This movement involved abstaining from voting for President Biden on the ballot and instead selecting the pre-defined option of uncommitted as a protest vote. These admirable efforts yielded significant results, garnering 13% of the vote and sending a clear message to Biden about the growing opposition within his own party. 

Inspired by the successful efforts of Michigan activists and politicians, Massachusetts Peace Action calls for a similar course of action in the Massachusetts presidential primary on March 5. We urge you to join our “No Preference” campaign, using your vote to pressure President Biden into calling for a permanent ceasefire and ending US complicity in the Palestinian genocide. Let us stand in solidarity with Gaza and cast our ballots for “no preference” on Tuesday, March 5th. 

Together, we can make our voices heard and compel meaningful change!