[dropcap]V[/dropcap]enezuela is in turmoil, as in reaction to economic depression, food shortages, and a controversial election, Juan Guaidó, the president of the Venezuelan Congress and leader of the opposition party declared himself ruler of Venezuela. The president, Nicolás Maduro has retained his power and claims that Guaidó is attempting a power grab. Regardless of the actions of President Maduro that led to the complaints of many around the world or the narratives pushed in the media, US intervention would be disastrous. 

In response to the re-election of Maduro in 2018, the US imposed sanctions on Venezuela which are multiplying the suffering that the people of Venezuela are enduring. These sanctions are not influencing Maduro, yet they are making the situation worse and more unstable. Also, because of Venezuela’s status as a large oil producer, the Trump administration’s giddiness to intervene and exercise control over Venezuela cannot be viewed as an act of promoting democracy.

We call on the US government to lift sanctions on Venezuela and to not launch an illegal military intervention. We call on Washington to promote peaceful, diplomatic solutions, led by Venezuelans to reach a sustainable and peaceful end to this turmoil.


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