Ken Thomson

Our collaborator and dear friend of many years, Ken Thomson, passed away on May 23, 2013. We miss him deeply.

Ken was a man of many interests and deep convictions. He believed passionately in the potential of democracy, the advantages of community living, the necessity of peace and a sustainable environment, and the vision of a world without nuclear weapons. He had a wide-ranging intellect, holding advanced degrees in Physics, and The Structure of Communities.

Ken chaired the Massachusetts Peace Action Education Fund. For the last 25 years, Ken was a member of the Core Group of our partner, 2020 Action. Ken was active in Citizens for Participation in Political Action (CPPAX), the Coalition for a Strong United Nations, and a founder of Cornerstone Co-Housing.

Most vividly, I see Ken sitting at the other end of the couch during 2020Action meetings at Ernesta’s, giving us the results of his extensive research for the upcoming card, on some timely issue, environmental or nuclear. Ken paid attention to the details but never lost sight of the big important picture.

Ken, we miss you greatly.

Guntram Mueller, for  Massachusetts Peace Action board of directors


Click here to read Ken’s obituary in the Boston Globe.