How I Came Around

MAPA Newsletter October 2020

Joe Biden

by Andrea Burns

Andrea BurnsThe day after Senator Sanders suspended his campaign in early April of this year, I unenrolled from the Democratic Party.

Hurt, angry and demoralized, I was disgusted by the red-baiting by the media and the disrespectful way the Democratic Party treated Sanders (again). I was tired of being taken for granted by a party that was determined to choose wealthy corporations and profit over the public good.  “But you’re voting for Biden, right?” people would ask. “No, I’m not,” I would respond. “Massachusetts is not a swing state and Biden doesn’t need my vote to win it.”

Though I was as horrified as anyone that #45 was elected, I rarely criticized him or spent much time thinking about him. What did we expect from a reality TV show star? A gangster who has defrauded the US government for decades? Our collective cynicism led to electing someone with contempt for government and the rule of law. I saved my fire for the Democratic Party, who I knew had turned its back on the poor and working class, and contributed to his election.

However, he has proven to be savvier and more diabolical than I thought; our political system weaker. He is not just a gangster, but a fascist. If he wins again, we can kiss our democracy goodbye. Even if defeated, it is likely he will not leave office. He is already saying the election will be rigged and has supporters willing to take up arms. He has an elaborate plan to subvert the results through the electoral college system and let the Supreme Court (which very well may have a new Supreme Court Justice) decide the election.

We need large margins of victory in order to prevent this outcome. Vote in person if safe to do so. Not only can it happen here, it is happening here. I’m still not a member of the Democratic Party, but you can bet I’m voting for Joe Biden.

—Andrea Burns is a Mass. Peace Action Board member and co-chair of its Legislative / Political Committee.