Fund Health Care Not Warfare 2023 Work Plan

Program Plan 2023

Fund Healthcare Not Warfare

Fund Healthcare Not Warfare

The FHCNW campaign has about 7 active monthly members who are working on efforts across the state and country for improving access to healthcare and  increasing public health funding. The FHCNW group meets monthly to discuss progress on legislative campaigns, plan upcoming events, and brainstorm new work for the group. The group is working hard to expand its messaging not only within Massachusetts, but also to other states throughout the country.

Policy Goal: Massachusetts Medicare for All, SAPHE community public health bill, ACES bill

Objectives for 2023:

Present at the 2023 Atlanta APHA conference, increase collaboration with other organizations (ex: MA PEACH), continue outreach to new people and groups through webinars, legislative advocacy through lobby days (ex: MPHA lobby day, Mass Care lobby day), etc.


Women’s health webinar series throughout the summer and fall

Second annual FHCNW conference in June

2023 APHA Atlanta conference in November

Coalition work: Beginning collaboration with MA PEACH (public health-based policing alternatives), American Nurses Association headquartered in Maryland, APHA collaborations, MA Teachers Association and Boston Teachers Union, etc.


Convener: Jonathan King.  Co-Convener: Catherine DeLorey

Meetings are the second Tuesday at 11am EDT by zoom.