Autumn Convergence for a New National Agenda

When: Sunday, November 24, 2013, 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm (doors open at 12:30 for registration and refreshments)
Where: SEIU Local 32BJ District 615 • 26 West St, 2nd floor • Park St T • Boston


SEIU state political director Harris Gruman

     Peace, GLBT and justice organizer Leslie Cagan

          BU professor of political science Neta Crawford

               climate activist Ben Thompson

                    … AND YOU!

RegisterButton300Many agree that we need to forge a more democratic nation based on social justice, sustainability, employment, and peace. Our groups share many values, aspirations, and goals. We are working to avert climate catastrophe, to raise the minimum wage, to prevent new U.S. wars, to protect vital public programs, and to organize around dozens of other important issues. But to turn things around we need a vision of a new economy, a just society, and a new foreign policy that connects the issues — a vision that can mobilize a social movement toward a society that works for everyone.  We need a message that points more clearly to the future we seek. 

How do we work together?  How can we connect with the millions of people who agree with us but are not yet involved? 

This convergence is for people who are concerned about:

• Responding to climate change
• Closing vast income gaps
• Creating a full employment, green economy
• Reclaiming Democracy
• Protecting vital public services
• Preventing war and reducing military spending
• Safeguarding worker rights
• Ending poverty and hunger
• Ridding the world of nuclear weapons
• Providing sufficient affordable housing

The format will emphasize discussion—sharing ideas, listening to each other.

Outcomes we hope for:

• A clearer vision of the society we are working to achieve
• A message that communicates that vision to more people
• Stronger connections within the activist community
• New ideas for outreach
• A commitment to follow-up


The great ballplayer/philosopher Yogi Berra once said: “You’ve got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going ‘cause you might not get there”.

We hope this convergence will lead to a clearer sense of where we’re going and how to get there while there’s still time. Please join us.  Register online:


See the Agenda and Workshop List and the Convergence Reading List.   Download and print the flyer and the Autumn Convergence Call.  Read the Speaker Biographies.

Logistics:  Doors open at 12:30 for registration and refreshments.  Program will start promptly at 1:00. The location is wheelchair accessible.

agenda1[1]Sponsored by Massachusetts Peace Action, Democratic Socialists of America, Progressive Democrats of America, American Friends Service Committee, and 350 Massachusetts.

Endorsers: United for Justice with Peace, Womens’ International League for Peace and Freedom – Boston Branch, Massachusetts Global Action/Encuentro 5, and MoveOn Eastern Massachusetts.

Contact:, 617-354-2169