The 1619 Project: The Impact of Racism on Healthcare

Online Event

To commemorate the holiday for Rev. Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. you are invited to attend an online event on Monday, January 16th, 6-8 PM. Join us as we delve deeper into the legacy of slavery and watch Members of the Sunderland Human Rights Task [...]

Massachusetts Single Payer Debrief with Dr. Tami Gouveia

Online Event

Wednesday January 25 at 6:30-8:00 PM on Zoom Former State Representative Tami Gouveia joins Western Mass. Medicare for All to talk about her experiences working on Single Payer legislation and advice for the new Statehouse session and future efforts.  A Mount Holyoke College grad and [...]

Seeking Women’s Health Justice

Online Event

The Covid pandemic highlighted just how dysfunctional and inequitable the United States health care system is. Health care spending, both per person and as a share of the national budget, continues to be far higher in the United States than in other high-income countries, and [...]

Art & Activism Workshop

11 Garden Street, Cambridge MA, 02138 11 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA

Join Massachusetts Peace Action on April 8th @1-3:30pm for our Art and Activism workshop!   Learn about the history of artistic protest, followed by a hands-on opportunity to create a piece of your own political art on an issue important to you. If you can’t [...]

Seeking Women’s Health Justice: Incarcerated Women

Online Event

The pandemic illustrated how dysfunctional and inequitable the United States health care system is.  Health care spending, both per person and as a share of the national budget, continues to be far higher in the United States than in other high-income countries, and yet its health statistics [...]

Fund Healthcare Not Warfare

Online Event

Fund Healthcare Not Warfare Second Annual Forum The tragic death toll from the COVID-9 pandemic reveled the deep malfunctions of the nation’s healthcare system.  One of the sources, inadequately reported, has been the diversion of our tax dollars to military programs and foreign wars - [...]

Seeking Women’s Health Justice: Reproductive Rights

Online Event

Since the fall of Roe last June in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health U.S. Supreme Court decision, every week brings new court rulings and more bad news in the abortion rights space. Fortunately, abortion providers and pro-choice lawmakers in Massachusetts and throughout the country are fighting back. Join us for a [...]

Protecting the Nation’s Health: Doubling the NIH, NSF and CDC Budgets by Cutting Nuclear Weapons Spending  

Online Event

Virtual Conference, Saturday September 9, 2023, 3 – 6 pm (Eastern)             The annual Congressional Discretionary Budget is the clearest expression of our nation’s policies. The development of diagnostics, therapies, and vaccines needed to protect our health depends primarily on the work of the federal [...]

Culturally-informed Substance Use Recovery

Online Event

Seeking Women's Health Justice Model of gender and culturally-informed care for Latina women facing substance use and mental health challenges Resources for women in recovery from substance use disorder are challenged by underfunding and under-appreciation of women’s specific needs. The opioid epidemic disproportionately affects women [...]

Quincy Medicare for All Forum

Thomas Crane Library 40 Washington St, Quincy, MA

Massachusetts Medicare  for All  (M4A) legislation,  to  establish  a  single  payer  of  all medical  bills  (the  Massachusetts  Health  Care  Trust),  is  popular  among  residents  throughout  the  state.  Last  year,  non binding  referenda  in  20  districts,  including  some  of  the  most  conservative  districts,  voted  in  favor  of  Medicare  for  [...]

Addressing the Crisis in Minority Maternal and Child Deaths

Online MA, United States

The US is in crisis with a dramatic increase in minority maternal death rates as outlined by March of Dimes’s annual reports, by Chloe Schwartz. Massachusetts is rated “best” in the country despite the fact that we have 2-3 minority maternal deaths to every caucasian [...]

Seeking Women’s Health Justice: At the Crossroads

Online Event

Seeking Womens Health Justice: At the Crossroads Tuesday March 7, 2024 7:00 - 8:00pm EST Achieving women’s health justice has always been a struggle. The trajectory of women’s health has been a tortuous, vacillated pathway. Today that path is at a crossroads. By reviewing this [...]

Steward, Cerberus & Your Health

Online MA, United States

We face the imminent closure of as many as nine hospitals in working-class communities across Eastern Massachusetts from the New Hampshire border to Fall River. How did this happen? What must we do to save access? How can we do health care differently? EVENT PANELISTS: [...]

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