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Why people engage in war and other atrocities—and what to do about it

Thu May 27 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

Military-Industrial Complex

Why do people wage war and commit atrocities?

The field of peace psychology has given considerable attention to the dynamics of moral and immoral thinking as expressed in peaceful or violent behavior. Waging war violates the most universal moral code ever evolved by human beings—the Golden Rule. Yet ruthlessly, through the centuries, humans have been persuaded to commit atrocities such as warfare while viewing themselves as moral beings. How do they do that?

One answer is moral disengagement—ways of thinking that allow people to believe it is moral to promote war against others who are portrayed as less than human, a threat to future peace, troublemakers, etc. Unscrupulous leaders have known for centuries how to feed into those self-deceptions to justify violently taking the lands and resources of other people. However, throughout the centuries there have also been people who have fought violent tactics, people who are morally engaged on behalf of peace.

Joe Kandra
Joe Kandra
Kathie Malley-Morrison
Kathie Malley-Morrison

In the webinar, psychologist Kathie Malley-Morrison will provide brief examples of both moral disengagement and engagement offered in posts in the Engaging Peace archive. She has published many books and articles both on family violence around the globe and on the views of ordinary people from around the globe on the issues of war and peace.  She will be followed by Joe Kandra, the cartoonist for Engaging Peace, who has already begun creating cartoons for MAPA. He will provide examples from the Engaging Peace archives of the ways in which political cartoons can be used to educate for peace and social justice. Pat Daniel will moderate the session.

RegisterThis webinar will introduce MAPA members and others to the psychological underpinnings of engagement in warfare, as explored in the blog of Engaging Peace Inc.— a non-profit begun in 2010 by Kathie Malley-Morrison and Pat Daniel to promote peace and social justice.  Kathie and Joe are now bringing their peace advocacy to MAPA, and MAPA is expanding the resources available to its members by acquiring the blog archives of Engaging Peace.   Register to attend.


Thu May 27
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT
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