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Standout at Representative Katherine Clark’s Office: Asking her to Support Palestinian Rights

Mon May 2, 2022 @ 11:30 am - 1:30 pm EDT

Come join us on Monday, May 2nd from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at 157 Pleasant St. Malden, Mass to ask Representative Katherine Clark to take the human rights and political rights of Palestinians seriously.  We will propose several steps she can take to show her commitment to Palestinian rights and human rights.

Rep. Clark has been endorsed by the pro-Israel lobby group, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). AIPAC has endorsed 37 Republicans who voted against certifying the 2020 election results and who still deny President Biden’s election win. Additionally, AIPAC lobbies Congress and the President for pro-Israel (and anti-Palestinian) policies. AIPAC opposes any viable peace process in the Middle East, opposes the Iran Nuclear Deal, de facto support for illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestine Territories, and plays a major role in mainstreaming Islamophobia in the United States. We ask Representative Clark to be more open to Palestine-friendly policies, rather than opposing them, and we, therefore, ask that she publicly reject AIPAC’S endorsement.

Please read this letter written by a constituent of Rep. Clark asking her to reject the AIPAC endorsement. If you wish, please sign onto the letter here. The letter and the signatures will be delivered to her during our Standout. Given Rep. Clark’s position in the House leadership, US citizens outside of Massachusetts Congressional District 5 are also invited to sign the letter. Out of Congressional District 5 signers will be included on a separate section of signers, indicating that while not constituents of Rep. Clark, they support the sentiments of the letter.

Last year, the Israeli government declared 6 Palestinian NGOs to be terrorists. That anti-democratic action by a “democratic” government, exposes these organizations to the risk of being shut down and the staff to imprisonment. Palestinians rely on these NGOs for support when the Israeli government commits a crime against them. If you haven’t already, we ask YOU to take a stand and sign this petition that asks President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken to demand that the Israeli government revoke this designation. We also ask Rep. Clark to stand up for these NGOs. Recently, Representative Jim McGovern wrote to Secretary Blinken asking the Biden Administration to pressure Israel to reverse the “terrorist” designation. He also stands up for everyone’s human rights. You can find Rep. McGovern’s letter here and the State Department’s response here. We ask Rep. Clark to write a letter similar to Rep. McGovern’s

Lastly, we ask her to support two bills in Congress; H.Res.751 and H.R.2590. 

  • H.Res.751 asks President Biden and the State Department to publicly condemn the Israeli government’s anti-democratic act against the NGOs; calls on Israeli authorities to end efforts to persecute, delegitimize, and criminalize Palestinian human rights activists and organizations; and affirms that the U.S.  will constantly work to recognize the indispensable work of Palestinian civil society organizations. 
  • H.R.2590 would limit U.S. assistance and aid to Israel and demand Israel-specific reporting requirements on its activities in the West Bank. The bill will prohibit any use of funds that are made available to Israel for:
    • Military detention, interrogation, abuse, or ill-treatment of Palestinian children
    • Seizure, appropriation, or destruction of Palestinian property  or forceful movement of civilians in the West Bank
    • Unilateral annexation of the West Bank into Israel

We hope to see you at Katherine Clark’s Office in W. Malden @ 11:30 am on May 2nd to ask her to listen to our demands and fully consider the consequences if she does not speak up for the Palestinians facing unfair treatment, persecution, starvation, torture, and violence in Gaza and the West Bank. 


  • By T: Orange Line (toward Oak Grove) to Malden Center.  Follow signs for Pleasant St., about a 4-minute walk.
  • If you drive, there is a parking area behind the Pleasant St. office.

Co-Sponsors: Massachusetts Peace Action, Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace Boston


Katherine Clark’s Office
157 Pleasant St
Malden, MA 02147 United States
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