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No More War Recruitment at Tufts!

Fri February 10, 2023 @ 10:45 am - 12:00 pm EST

Friday February 10th @ 10:45 am

A message from Tufts University Students:

As students, we objecting to Tufts’ complicity in the violent military-industrial-complex. Inviting institutions that prop up imperialist wars to the student career fair is only the most recent example of Tufts’ support for colonialism and military violence.

We’re calling upon Tufts to cease to invite all companies and government agencies interlinked by a thousand threads to the imperialist system to recruit on campus, namely those listed below. Despite this being our demand, it’s important to note that this would not be capable of fundamentally changing the university’s role in the imperialist system. Tufts university, and many alike, are organs of the ruling class, serving it’s imperialist interests in several ways.

We see Tufts as inextricably linked with, and as an active participant in, this imperialist activity. We condemn the actions that these organizations take, as they contribute to the continued subjugation of people through war and their sponsorship of violence by the ruling class that secures their power. Tufts’ act of bringing these organizations to campus makes the University a partner in those crimes of violence. We further condemn the University’s role in encouraging us, the students, to take part in organizations that perpetuate and sponsor systematic violence. But beyond bringing these employers to campus and encouraging us to take a position in the imperialist machine, the role of this recruitment fair has further effects.

In presenting these employers not just as jobs, but as forces for good in society, we are encouraged to passively accept that as true. Even if I do not work for the state department, I am left with the idea that its work is for the benefit of society as a whole. This could not be further from the truth, these jobs serve to promote the interests of the ruling, capitalist class and the state that serves them. In resisting the presence of these institutions on campus, we have to understand why they are bad, not just that they are. We have to refrain from seeing Tufts as a neutral site of ideas and learning, but as an institution that serves a particular function in capitalist society, namely to push us to work for and discourage critical thought about these institutions.

That this career fair is happening, that these imperialist employers are present and promoted as positive forces is no surprise when one considers the function that Tufts serves in maintaining our class society. We are here not just to oppose these recruiters, the most blatantly evil outcroppings of this society, but also the institutions and social systems, such as Tufts, that uphold and maintain them. Our enemy is not just these companies, but the system that they support, the system that necessitates the existence of institutions like these for its own maintenance.

The following defense institutions have been invited to the February 10th career fair:

  • US Air Force

  • Northeast Army Medicine

  • Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security

  • Jetcool technologies

  • MA Department of Corrections

  • MITRE corporation

  • Bridge12 Technologies

  • MIT Lincoln Labs

  • US Dept of State

  • US Army New England

  1. We commit to NOT taking employment with any of the above institutions

  2. We call on Tufts to no longer invite companies that profit from war to any future recruitment events


Fri February 10, 2023
10:45 am - 12:00 pm EST
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Tufts University – Gantcher Center
161 College Ave
Medford, MA 02155 United States
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