Ed Markey Wins! Here’s how our candidates did on Sept 1

Ed Markey for Senate
Ed Markey for Senate

On Tuesday Senator Ed Markey withstood a primary challenge, beating his opponent Joe Kennedy III by over 10 points. This means that the leading advocate on environmental issues and nuclear disarmament in the US Senate will almost assuredly be back there next year. He ran and won on progressive issues, highlighting his sponsorship of the Green New Deal, strong support for Medicare for All, and his role in the Nuclear Freeze movement.

This is a major victory for the peace movement, and for progressives across the country. We need Ed Markey in the Senate, now more than ever. The time to save the planet from climate catastrophe is running out. The Trump administration’s withdrawal, and threat to withdraw, from crucial arms control treaties like the INF, Open Skies Treaty, and New Start, threatens to start a new nuclear arms race with Russia and China. Senator Ed Markey is leading on these existential threats to people everywhere.

Erika Uyterhoeven, Steve Owens, Patricia DuffyIn Somerville, Erika Uyterhoeven, the founder of Act on Mass, won her primary. An advocate for transparency at the State House, she’s committed to taking on the power of the speaker so we can pass a real progressive agenda. In Watertown Steve Owens won his primary running on a platform of green transportation, immigrant protections, and affordable housing. In Holyoke Patricia Duffy, a union leader and strong supporter of the labor movement, won the Democratic nomination. Erika, Steve, and Pat will be voices for much needed reforms on Beacon Hill.

We’re proud of all the candidates we endorsed for election in the 2020 primary. In CD-1 Mayor Alex Morse ran a valiant campaign that was marred by dirty politics. In CD-4 Ihssane Leckey courageously advanced progressive causes in a race that’s one of the best arguments for Ranked Choice Voting we’ve ever seen (more on that later). In CD-6 and CD-8, Jamie Belsito and Dr. Goldstein challenged conservative Democrats, helping to push them on progressive issues.

This November, Massachusetts will have a chance to pass Ranked Choice Voting by voting ‘YES’ on ballot question 2. We’ll be hosting an event to explain this important initiative on Tuesday September 8th at 7 pm.

Under RCV voters will be able to support the candidates they really want without fear of wasting their vote, candidates will never split the vote with similar candidates, campaigns will be less negative, and our
elected officials will be more representative of the voters. Join us to learn how you can help institure Ranked Choice Voting in Massachusetts. This will make the path to office easier for political outsiders and progressives.