Dear Northeastern University


Artwork made at the Northeastern University encampment Credit: Rowan Sporte Ehn, MAPA

I can no longer wear your name across my chest with pride. 

I am ashamed that you promote student empowerment and leadership, then handcuff those students for peacefully raising their voices for justice and accountability.

I am ashamed that you are to blame for the arrests of over 100 protestors, and guilty of detaining dozens of my fellow students, those who you are supposed to support and protect.

How dare you. How dare you not apologize to the peaceful protestors who you wrongfully accused of spouting anti semitic slurs.

How dare you dismiss our demands, to call for an immediate ceasefire, to divest from your connections with Israeli institutions, and ensure transparency regarding investments and endowments.

Your motto Lux, Veritas, Virtus, meaning light, truth, and courage, does not represent who you are. The ones who embody these words are the students, the organizers, the leaders at our encampment who you view as the enemy. It is the students who embody these values, who are putting their bodies on the line for the people of Palestine and their freedom to exist, in spite of you.