Climate and Peace Working Group 2016

For the peace movement, the Iran nuclear accord was a breakthrough, a moment when negotiation overcame war mongering. For the climate movement, the Paris climate agreement was a breakthrough, as the world’s nations finally came together to commit to taking action. Let’s build on this momentum!

While some places have too little water, others have too much, and virulent storms and flooding have also affected millions of people. The number of climate and war refugees continues to grow, with no solutions in sight. Working to stop climate change is interchangeable with working for peace. Both movements are based on a reverence for life and desire not to destroy it, a realization that the world is interconnected, and a commitment to a more equal world. 

We are forming a new Massachusetts Peace Action working group, partnering with climate justice advocates, with the goal of helping to make our work for change more effective. Contact Rosalie Anders to get involved (