Clark on Talks Not Sanctions

On Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at the John and Christina Markey Malden Senior Community Center in Malden, Massachusetts Congresswoman Katherine Clark was asked about her vote for sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

Here is the report from those in attendance:

At this town hall meeting, Representative Katherine Clark received two foreign policy related questions”

Question 1, asked by another attendee and then repeated by Massoudeh because Clark did not provide an answer:

“What is your opinion on giving military assistance to Saudi-Arabia, helping them to destroy Yemen?”

“Yemen, what are we doing? We give weapons to Yemen? We give weapons to Saudi-Arabia? We need a new AUMF since the current one is from 2001.”

My thoughts:
KC obviously knows what the USA government is doing. Here in this town hall meeting she just pretended to be uneducated, so that she can avoid giving an answer to the simple Yes-or-No question if she is in favor of giving weapons to Saudi-Arabia. The fact that KC refused to provide an answer here in front of her, presumably pro-peace, constituents means that she is in favor of giving more weapons to Saudi-Arabia.

Question 2, asked by Massoudeh.

“Why did you vote for more sanctions on Iran?”

“Because we have issues with Iran. Iran must not have ballistic missiles.”