Nuclear Disarmament

May 22 Boston Day of Action Report

by Rowan Sporte Ehn and Grace Sanford In collaboration with the Warheads to Windmills Coalition, MAPA, along with accompanying lobbyists, went to the Massachusetts State House to push for the Nuclear and Climate Commission Bill (H.783/S.1488), the Back from the Brink Resolution (S.1487), and the […]

Twin Threats

CANDU/Twin Threats Campaign Report

by Rowan Sporte Ehn and Grace Sanford The fundamental goal of the “Twin Threats/CANDU” campaign is to unite the climate and nuclear disarmament movements within Massachusetts on behalf of a shared goal: saving life on the planet. Another goal of the CANDU campaign is to […]

Anti-militarist contingent at March against Fossil Fuels, Sept 17, 2023. Photo: Evelyn Miller/MAPA
Peace and Climate

We Marched Against Fossil Fuels

By Evelyn Miller This September 17, Mass Peace Action joined with Code Pink, Veterans for Peace, Boston Extreme Energy, and other Peace Action affiliates to represent the anti-militarists at the March to End Fossil Fuels in New York City, where we gave our all and […]

Action Report

Extinction Rebellion meets on Boston Common

by Evelyn Miller On the first of August, Extinction Rebellion held their monthly meeting on Boston Common for the approaching Week of Rebellion. Extinction Rebellion, or “XR,” is an international movement, originally born in London in 2018.  It uses non-violent direct action and civil disobedience […]

Nuclear Disarmament

Massachusetts Remembers Hiroshima and Nagasaki

(Cambridge) Aug. 5 – On the 78th anniversary of the atomic attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Massachusetts, peace activists and faith groups across Massachusetts will gather and reflect, calling for worldwide abolition of nuclear weapons.    Saturday, August 5 Northampton, 11am, King/Pleasant and Main Streets […]

Nuclear Disarmament

The Twin Existential Threats

Climate Action and Nuclear Disarmament United: Addressing the Twin Existential Threats of Climate Change and Nuclear Weapons The twin existential threats inherent in catastrophic climate change and nuclear weapons proliferation are intimately connected. The Extinction Competition: Both threats are in a way “competing” to instigate […]