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Beyond Trump and Biden

by John Blumenstiel I write this as a member of the Green-Rainbow Party with the gravity of realizing that our economic and political system are beyond repair given our limited choices. The world awaits the removal of our maniacal president from office for the mutual […]

Mike Siegel and Kara Eastman
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Join Phone Banking for Peace Candidates!

Peace Action is prioritizing phone banks for Mike Siegel (D-TX-10) and Kara Eastman (D-NE-02) for the next three weeks. We will be phone banking for Mike Siegel every Tuesday; 10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 7pm-9:45pm Eastern time Sign up here We will be Phone banking for […]

Voters waiting to vote in Milwaukee on April 7, 2020. (Morry Gash, AP photo)
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Defending the Election and Our Democracy

Remarks delivered by Joseph Gerson at the “Defending the Election and Our Democracy” webinar, October 6, 2020.   Watch the video. Several months ago, before the Trumpian assault on our electoral process became as blatant as it is now, but as it became clear that Trump […]