Peace Economy

Tax Day: The America I wish my Taxes paid for

by H. Patricia Hynes This article was originally published in Informed Comment. Greenfield, Mass. (Special to Informed Comment) – In June 2023 Amanda Jones, an African American who had recently given birth to her second daughter Miranda, died from pregnancy-related causes.  Her state, Georgia, ranks among […]

Peace Economy

The Biden Doctrine

by Hoffmann the Organizer In a recent lead editorial in the New York Times, Thomas Friedman boldly labels the governing philosophy of the era we’re living in: “The Biden Doctrine.”  In that piece he limits the scope of this doctrine to the Middle East, hailing […]

Fund Healthcare Not Warfare

Can Nuclear War be Prevented?

by Jeanne Trubek On November 15, 2023, about 25 people from Watertown MA and surrounding suburbs attended the November monthly meeting of Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment. The Peace and Common Security Working Group, with cosponsors Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility, Back […]