Congress and China. Cartoon by Andrew Flaherty/MAPA
No New Cold War

The EAGLE Act: an Anti-China Bill 

by Drew Baldwin There are few things Congress agrees upon. China, however, is one of them.  In July, the House Foreign Affairs Committee passed the “Ensuring American Global Leadership and Engagement” or EAGLE Act (H.R. 3524), led by committee chair Gregory W. Meeks (D-NY).  The […]

No New Cold War

The Taiwan Conundrum

by Jim Hassett Beijing is irrevocably committed to regaining control of Taiwan, an island about 100 miles off China’s coast.  But the US and its allies are committed to the opposite:  helping Taiwan maintain its status as an independent county.  Something’s got to give.   To […]

No New Cold War


by Pat Hynes We live in a time of diminishing hope with worsening climate crisis and insufficient will among those most responsible–major industrial countries–to radically reduce their emissions now, not a decade or three decades from now. We cohabitate with more than 13,000 nuclear weapons […]