Budget for All Preparations for Tax Day 2014

People's Budget / Budget for All
Lenore Pereira at Budget for All rally, Oct 2012

Ssupporters of a progressive budget are gathering to make a powerful statement in connection with Tax Day: We Pay our Taxes — Are we getting what we need?

The main event will be Saturday, April 12, 2pm at Emmanuel Church, Boston, with a pre-rally at 12:30 around the corner at Bank of America.  There will also be events in Worcester, Fall River, and Walpole.   
1. Show up!  We need you there, with your banners, posters, literature, and friends!
2. Volunteer!  Can you come early to set up furniture and food, hang banners and decorations, and welcome attendees?  Call 617-354-2169 or write info@budget4allmass.org to help out!
3. Spread the word!  Please forward the attached email announcement and/or flyer to your big e-list!
4. We have two dozen confirmed speakers including two sitting members of Congress, advocates for a variety of progressive groups, and people personally affected by budget cuts.   But we can still use a few more speakers — especially those personally affected.   We would love to have your ideas on this, so drop me a call or an email.
5. In Congress, the #BetterOff Budget is expected to come to the House floor tomorrow as an amendment to the disastrous Ryan budget.  Generate calls to Congress (202-224-3121) for a YES vote on the #BetterOff Budget (http://cpc.grijalva.house.gov/better-off-budget/) today or tomorrow!
6. The Budget for All resolutions (H.3211 and S.1750) are in the state House & Senate Ways and Means committees.   Tell your state legislature to support them on your next visit or call.