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Boston Rally for Question 4 with Rep. Mike Capuano

Boston Rally for Question 4 with Rep. Mike Capuano


Thursday, October 25, 2012, 10:00 am

Where: Codman Square Health Center • 637 Washington St • Dorchester
Boston Community Rally for nonbinding Question 4 (Budget for All)
On October 25, Boston political and community leaders will call for a budget that supports working people and solves national budget standoffs. The Budget for All, on the November 6 ballot throughout Boston and a third of the state, is the largest public policy question in at least several decades, according to the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office. It has been endorsed by four Mass. congressmen, 23 state legislators, and many local elected officials.

The “Budget for All” referendum echoes a pro-people federal budget proposed by the Congressional Progressive Caucus. It instructs state legislators to vote for a referendum calling on the President and Congress to:

  • Avoid cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans’ benefits, housing, food, or unemployment assistance.
  • Create and protect jobs by investing in manufacturing, schools, housing, renewable energy, transportation and other public services.
  • Close corporate tax loopholes and raise taxes on incomes over $250,000 to fund these programs.
  • Redirect military spending for nation-building at home and end the Afghanistan war.

“It’s time people had a chance to speak out and put these principles on Washington’s agenda. This is what the 2012 election should be about,” said Jeff Klein, an organizer of the referendum campaign in Dorchester.
The October 25 rally will be located at the Codman Square Health Center. Over 20 Boston community organizations are supporting the Budget for All. The statewide Question 4 campaign is coordinated by the American Friends Service Committee and Mass. Peace Action. The Mass. Alliance of HUD Tenants, Right to the City VOTE!, Dorchester People for Peace, and the Boston Coalition to Fund Our Communities-Cut Military Spending 25% are leading the Boston campaign.