Board Election Process 2018

As Massachusetts Peace Action works to grow and strengthen our organization, we are also working to strengthen our Board. We seek Board members that can help lead our organizing, raise money, expand our connections and coalitions, represent various areas of the state, increase our diversity, and bring new skills to our work.  The Board is a body that is elected by, and represents, the membership.

The Board currently includes three groups of members:

  • At-large members serve a 2-year term and are eligible for re-election. Board members sign a membership agreement defining the expectations of Board members. Half of the at-large members are elected each year. The board includes a maximum of 18 at-large members; 15 are currently filled.  The Board can appoint members to fill vacant seats between annual elections.
  • Student chapter representatives are presidents of Massachusetts Peace Action student chapters that are officially recognized by their schools.  The board includes a maximum of 6 student chapter representatives; one is currently filled by Kimia Tabatabaei. They serve as long as they are presidents of their chapters.
  • The board may appoint up to three at-large youth representatives who do not represent recognized student chapters.  One of these seats is currently filled by Brenton Stoddart.
  • In the future, regional or local groups of Massachusetts Peace Action members may form chapters, and each chapter may choose one Board member. These chapter-elected Board members would be in addition to the at-large members.

A list of candidates for at-large seats was nominated by MAPA’s Executive Committee on January 17, 2018.  Members may submit additional nominees or nominate themselves by March 9, 2018. To be eligible, nominees must submit the names of 5 MAPA members in support. Nominees are requested to fill out a questionnaire and sign a Board member agreement.

MAPA members can vote for at-large members up to the number of vacant at-large seats.  Those receiving the most votes will be elected. Ballots can be cast by postal mail, e-mail, or in person at the annual meeting. Be sure to renew your membership in time to participate in the Board election! The standard dues amount is $40/year for an individual, $65 for a family, or $10 for low income or students. Those who contribute in any amount to either Massachusetts Peace Action or make a tax-deductible donation to Massachusetts Peace Action Education Fund from September 1, 2017 forward, are eligible to vote. Renew your membership today!

February 16, 2018– Notice of annual meeting sent to members and supporters by email and election process and names of nominees posted on website. Annual meeting announcement, including information on election process and nominees, e-mailed to members and supporters
March 9, 2018– Additional nominees due
March 17, 2018 – Annual meeting, last day to vote on board election, new board members announced.

Questions? Call the office at 617-354-2169 or email