Injustice in the Rearview

I’ve had trouble writing of late. It’s not about an absence of content (there’s been plenty, more than I could ever react to or encapsulate in words). It’s not about an absence of context, as all of this seems to fit rather nicely into the […]

Israeli PM Netanyahu at Iran briefing April 2018

Trump’s Korea Diplomacy Involves Iran Deal

As the Trump administration careens haphazardly towards an historic and potentially game-changing denuclearization summit with Kim Jong-Un, it is becoming increasingly clear that the North Korea problem is one that needs to be viewed holistically, through the prism of America’s past and current successes and […]

No War on Syria

Congress Must Reclaim its War Powers

The potential firing of Robert Mueller and/or Rod Rosenstein has focused a great deal of angst and hand-wringing on the looming potential for a constitutional crisis.  Not nearly enough attention, on the other hand, has been paid to the one that is already upon us. […]


Why Should We Care About Yemen?

By Wade Dunham Wade Dunham is an independent progressive activist, Somerville resident, escapee from coastal Maine, and an alumnus of Tufts University. Yemen. A country in the throes of a savage sectarian civil war. Twenty million people at risk of starvation. A massive cholera outbreak […]