Peace in Ukraine Campaign

Peace in Ukraine Campaign An 8 month MAPA wide campaign (May through December 2023) to call for ceasefire and negotiations to end the Ukraine war. Goal: mobilize available MAPA resources for an all out effort to give visibility and organization to what may be a […]

Middle East Wars

Middle East Wars 2023 Work Plan

Middle East Working Group Focuses on developments in the countries of the Middle East (including Afghanistan; excluding Israel/Palestine) and combatting U.S. intervention in those countries (whether by invasion, sanctions, covert action, weapons sales, military aid, “democracy promotion”, etc). Policy Goal: Educate the public about key developments […]

Raytheon Antiwar Campaign

Saudi Arabia and the Energy Crisis

by Paul Shannon In October a wave of rage went through the White House and members of Congress when Saudi Arabia joined other major oil producers to cut production, thereby driving the already high cost of oil even higher. Based on his earlier friendly visit […]

Nuclear Disarmament

Raytheon Technologies: A nuclear threat

By Paul Shannon Raytheon Technologies is the second largest military contractor in the world, with $64 billion in net sales.  Internationally, it is one of the top three arms suppliers, selling its weapons to numerous countries, and employing 174,000 men     It has close […]