Sen. Bernie Sanders claims victory at a primary night election rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020.Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP
Peace Voter

Bernie Won New Hampshire! On to Massachusetts and Beyond!

by John Ratliff

Last week we celebrated an historic victory in New Hampshire. For many, the fact that Sen. Sanders stood apart from the rest of the field as the most resolute and outspoken champion of Peace in the aftermath of Trump’s murder of Iranian General Suleimani encouraged a rise in support for him which has not stopped.

Thousands of volunteers from Massachusetts made the journey to the Granite State to knock on doors in the rain, the snow, and the cold to make the victory possible. Thousands more made calls or chipped in a few dollars. Thanks to the strategy, “Not Me. Us.” Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the most progressive and pro-peace presidential candidate, is now the frontrunner in the race to unseat the most dangerous president in the history of the United States. But it will only happen if we don’t let up now… […]

We endorse Bernie Sanders for President 2020

Threat of War with Iran: Why we need Bernie Sanders for President in 2020

by John Ratliff

Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate who has come out unequivocally and forcefully against War with Iran. While other Democratic candidates have reinforced Trump’s narrative about the “just” death of a supposed monster and criticized only the failure to consult Congress or the impulsiveness of the timing, Sanders has staunchly opposed the drive to war itself and called for negotiations and a return to the Iran nuclear deal. This stance is a continuation of his lifelong commitment to peace and opposition to US imperial wars abroad. […]

Nato soldiers in the woods

Why It’s Time for a Real Reset With Russia

In April, the long awaited report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election was released. The report repeated earlier accusations that Russians had hacked into and released emails of the Democratic National Committee in 2016 and had used […]


After the Election

This article appeared in the 2016 Fall Newsletter John Ratiff, Cambridge, November 2, 2016 As the 2016 election stumbles to its conclusion, most traditionally relied upon pollsters predict a victory for former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Campaign debate became a huge tornado of calumny […]


Primary Victories 2016

All of our endorsed candidates won on September 8 in the Democratic primary. In addition to mobilizing to vote no on 2, the charter school question, now is the time to give our endorsed candidates the support they need to insure they win in the […]